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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gettin' Busy

One of the things I find deeply "de-motivating" for me is not being busy enough or maximizing my time. You see, when I have to juggle a million things, I am far better at getting things done. When I'm "slow" in business, personal to-dos or volunteer work, I find FAR too much time to neglect the health to dos (as well as everything else).

By the same token, when I have all these balls in the air, it's sometimes hard to figure out what to do first.

So I am applying a few helpful tools I have learned from Renee Stephens' "Inside Out Weight Loss" MP3s (find them on ITunes) and from the Franklin organization system.

The first is to dream big. Really big. What would you dream of having, who would you dream of being, what would you dream of doing if you had no limitations.

Now this is easier said than done -- really it is -- because we all have limiting beliefs and inner critics and pasts that seem to gang up on us to stop us from dreaming those dreams. So it takes some work. I recommend looking at ITunes for Inside Out Weight Loss OR, if weight loss is not your issue, you can find many guided mediations to help you quiet the limiting beliefs, inner critics and voices from the past.

Do them! Find a way to dream big.

My dreaming big led me to this list:



  • $5 million cash in a working, accessible, money earning account
  • Income of $250,000 per year: 80% DKD, 20% BeachBody ($175,000/$75000)
  • $16,000 for creating final step to cash only lifestyle!!
  • Investment in real estate:4 properties, 2 domestic, 1 international


  • New Audi: paid for
  • House: new floors and painted inside
  • Regular maid service
  • Regular dog walker and sitter
  • Boat and mooring for DH (if I buy it, I get to pick mooring location, if he buys it, he gets to pick :-) )
  • Two planned trips per year and ability to take four weeks off


  • New relationship with family on MY terms
  • Comfortably maintaining size 8 body
  • BFP of 23-25%
  • Waist at 28 inches or less
  • Weight at 155 or less (I'm 5'10")


  • Foundation for OCJM established; Production chair only, new chair in place
  • 5% of Income to JM
  • 10% of income goes back into Children's obesity elimination/drinking water initiatives or other health-related charities or SPCA

But the dreaming big is only half the practice (because it is a practice, you will have to keep dreaming and refine and adjust your dreams as you grow and change).

The "creating the plan" to make the dream happen is the next practice. And you have to do that by looking at your "to do list" and figuring out what actions will be the most beneficial to achieving your dreams. Those become the priorities so you can maximize your time.

So I'm doing that. And that's why I am here. You see, a wonderful friend has invited me to become a BeachBody coach. Now, this will ADD to the things on my "to do" list in some ways, but, more importantly, it will make things I already DO work in my favor.

I have been "blogging" on chat boards about my new found discovery of how to learn to be "naturally slender" for about four weeks now. I've been "practicing" the tools to become naturally slender for about the same time.

In the process, I've lost 11 pounds and 1-2 inches each off my chest, waist and hips.

But I was feeling a little guilty about all the time I was spending on this (the hardest thing to do is to put our own health first, right?).

Well now, I have found a way to overcome that guilt. By being a BeachBody coach , I have created an opportunity to combine my fitness practice with the practice of making my dreams come true by increasing my income.

And every second I spend now blogging, encouraging others, encouraging myself? --ALL THOSE MINUTES not only support my health dream, but my income dreams and my philanthropic dreams.

How cool is that??!

Now I promise, this blog is not going to be one huge "BeachBody" sale pitch. We are going to focus on the emotional issues and the limiting beliefs that keep us from reaching our fitness dreams and goals. But I will offer everyone the opportunity to join me from time to time by using the BeachBody tools or becoming a coach like me -- and if that works to support your dreams, JOIN ME!

For today: take some time and figure out what your BIG DREAMS are so you can create a plan to start making those dreams reality!