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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where do you put all your stuff?

I’ve been cleaning out a few rooms and realizing how much “stuff” I accumulate.

I’ve also been reviewing this past year and realizing that the knowledge and resulting change in some friendships that I learned weren’t true friendships are still “festering” a bit in my mind.

I also have been finding some old friends on Facebook and realizing that in my younger days, I made some mistakes that I want to forget and move on from, but am unsure whether those friends can forgive ME?

And I’m wondering about my businesses, my future, my weight loss journey, my marriage, my life, my EVERYTHING!

And all that “stuff” is jockeying for time in my head and my emotions and my physical world.

And there is just isn’t room or time for it all.

So part of my “New Year’s Evolution” is going to be to reduce the amount of both physical and mental “stuff” in my life.

The physical stuff is going to be reduced by at least 50% -- it just has to be. Good memories aren’t stored in vases or t-shirts or bags of travel photos that never make it into a scrapbook. They’re in my head – and my heart – forever.

The festering friendships issues just have to be let go. I can’t change these two people. I will never get my money back (sigh) or an apology, but I do know that the only one worrying about this is me. I’ve forgiven them, I just keep wondering “how” they could do it?

I’m going to try and make amends with some of those Facebook friends. I want as clean a slate as I can get. I am not the young, foolish girl I was at 20. I deserve forgiveness from them, but barring that, deserve forgiveness from myself.

And I’m going to keep the “wondering” about my business, my future, my weight loss journey, my marriage, my life going – but I’m going to take those “wonderings (wanderings?)” about my mind and write them down. Turning wondering into actions makes it go from “stuff” to—well—action.

And I would bet that by eliminating a bunch of “stuff”, that some serious pounds may just go away with all that stuff! At least that’s my hope.

Take care,

"High achievers spot rich opportunities swiftly, make big decisions quickly and move into action immediately. Follow these principles and you can make your dreams come true" --Robert Schuller